A Sound Approach to Language Matters: In Honor of Ocke-Schwen Bohn


Anne Mette Nyvad, English Department, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University; Michaela Hejná; Anders Højen; Anna Bothe Jespersen; Mette Hjortshøj Sørensen; Catherine Best; Cinzia Avesani; Mario Vayra; Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen; Brett Joseph Baker; Sidsel Rasmussen; Mengzhu Yan; D. H. Whalen; Angélica Carlet; Juli Cebrian; Denise Cristina Kluge; Mette Hjortshøj Sørensen; Henrik Jørgensen; Johanna Wood; Congehao Hua; Bin Li; Ratree Wayland; Angela Cooper; Yue Wang; Dawn M. Behne; Mísa Hejná; Anna Jespersen; Goun Lee; Allard Jongman; Yingjie Li; Joan A. Sereno; Oliver Niebuhr; Laura Winther Balling; Ken Ramshøj Christensen; Camilla Søballe Horslund; Johannes Kizach; Sten Vikner; Anne Mette Nyvad; Joan C. Mora; Ingrid Mora-Plaza; James Emil Flege; Anders Højen; Linda Polka; Yufang Ruan; Matthew Masapollo; Anja Steinlen; Thorsten Piske; Sophia Karmeli; Christine Mooshammer; Michael Tyler


speech perception, speech production, phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax


The contributions in this Festschrift were written by Ocke’s current and former PhD-students, colleagues and research collaborators. The Festschrift is divided into six sections, moving from the smallest building blocks of language, through gradually expanding objects of linguistic inquiry to the highest levels of description - all of which have formed a part of Ocke’s career, in connection with his teaching and/or his academic productions: “Segments”, “Perception of Accent”, “Between Sounds and Graphemes”, “Prosody”, “Morphology and Syntax” and “Second Language Acquisition”. Each one of these illustrates a sound approach to language matters.


  • PAM Revisits the Articulatory Organ Hypothesis: Italians’ Perception of English Anterior and Nuu-Chah-Nulth Posterior Voiceless Fricatives
    Catherine Best, Cinzia Avesani, Mario Vayra
  • Paa, Paa Plack Sheep: Discrimination of L2 Stop Voicing Contrasts in the Absence of L1 Stop Voicing Distinctions
    Rikke Bundgaard-Nielsen, Brett Joseph Baker
  • Acoustic Comparison of Mandarin and Danish Postalveolars
    Sidsel Rasmussen, Mengzhu Yan
  • Normalization of the Natural Referent Vowels
    D. H. Whalen
  • Assessing the Effect of Perceptual Training on L2 Vowel Identifi cation, Generalization and Long-term Effects
    Angélica Carlet, Juli Cebrian
  • Perception of Brazilian Portuguese Nasal Vowels by Danish Listeners
    Denise Cristina Kluge
  • Accent Matters in Perception of Voice Similarity
    Mette Hjortshøj Sørensen
  • The Four Troublemakers in Danish Orthography
    Henrik Jørgensen
  • Northumbrian Rounded Vowels in the Old English Gloss to the Lindisfarne Gospels
    Johanna Wood
  • Native and Non-native English Speakers’ Assessment of Nuclear Stress Produced by Chinese Learners of English
    Congehao Hua, Bin Li, Ratree Wayland
  • Effects of Semantic Information and Segmental Familiarity on Learning Lexical Tone
    Angela Cooper, Yue Wang, Dawn M. Behne
  • Focus on Consonants: Prosodic Prominence and the Fortis-Lenis Contrast in English
    Mísa Hejná, Anna Jespersen
  • Production and Perception of Korean Word-level Prominence by Older and Younger Korean Speakers
    Goun Lee, Allard Jongman
  • Comparing Monosyllabic and Disyllabic Training in Perceptual Learning of Mandarin Tone
    Yingjie Li, Goun Lee, Joan A. Sereno
  • Pitch Accents as Multiparametric Configurations of Prosodic Features – Evidence from Pitch-accent Specific Micro-rhythms in German
    Oliver Niebuhr
  • A Sound Approach to Text Processing: Between Experiments and Experience
    Laura Winther Balling
  • On the Need for Experimental Syntax
    Ken Ramshøj Christensen
  • An Experimental Approach to the Conrad Phenomenon
    Camilla Søballe Horslund
  • Ungrammatical Sentences Have Syntactic Representations too
    Johannes Kizach
  • Why German is not an SVO-language but an SOV-language with V2
    Sten Vikner
  • The Logical Problem of Language Acquisition Revisited: Insights from Error Patterns in Typical and Atypical Development
    Anne Mette Nyvad
  • Contributions of Cognitive Attention Control to L2 Speech Learning
    Joan C. Mora, Ingrid Mora-Plaza
  • A Non-critical Period for Second-language Learning
    James Emil Flege
  • Improvement in Young Adults’ Second-language Pronunciation after Short-term Immersion
    Anders Højen
  • Understanding Vowel Perception Biases – It’ s Time to Take a Meta-analytic Approach
    Linda Polka, Yufang Ruan, Matthew Masapollo
  • Second and Third Language Immersion Students’ Pronunciation in Foreign Language English Oral Reading
    Anja Steinlen, Thorsten Piske, Sophia Karmeli, Christine Mooshammer
  • PAM-L2 and Phonological Category Acquisition in the Foreign Language Classroom
    Michael Tyler


Anne Mette Nyvad, English Department, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University

Anne Mette Nyvad currently works at the English Department, Aarhus University, where she does research in corpus linguistics, language acquisition, language processing and second language acquisition. Her current project is 'The Acquisition of Complex Syntax in Autism.'




16 maj 2019

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