2015 Workshop on Continuations: pre-proceedings


Olivier Danvy; Tristan Crolard; Jules Hedges; Neil Sculthorpe; Gabriel Kerneis; Hayo Thielecke; Serguei Lenglet; Yukiyoshi Kameyama; Alexis Saurin


This volume contains the papers presented at WoC 2015, the 2015 Workshop
on Continuations held on April 12, 2015 in London, UK.


  • Editorial
    Olivier Danvy
  • A verified abstract machine for functional coroutines
    Tristan Crolard
  • The selection monad as a CPS translation
    Jules Hedges
  • A modular structural operational semantics for delimited continuations
    Neil Sculthorpe
  • Why all programmers want continuations (but use callbacks instead)
    Gabriel Kerneis
  • Command injection attacks, continuations, and the Lambek calculus
    Hayo Thielecke
  • Bisimulations for delimited-control operators
    Serguei Lenglet
  • ATM without tears: prompt-passing style transformation for typed delimited-control operators
    Yukiyoshi Kameyama
  • Logical by need
    Alexis Saurin


Olivier Danvy

Department of Computer Science

Aarhus University, Denmark

Tristan Crolard

CNAM, France

Jules Hedges

Queen Mary University of London

Neil Sculthorpe

Swansea University, UK

Hayo Thielecke

University of Birmingham, UK

Serguei Lenglet

Université de Lorraine, France

Yukiyoshi Kameyama

University of Tsukuba

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april 10, 2015

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