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Philosophy and Therapy of Existence: Perspectives in Existential Analysis

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Added 2016-03-30
ISBN-13: 978-87-7507-365-8
doi: 10.7146/aul.127.113

Philosophy and Therapy of Existence: Perspectives in Existential Analysis

Anders Dræby Sørensen (Author)

This volume explores the interface of philosophy and existential therapy from six different theoretical perspectives. In this sense, the book focus on applied philosophy or philosophical therapy. Thus, the main conclusion from the book is that existential therapy is a philosophy and therapy of existence rather than a kind of psychotherapy: (1) Negative Sociality. A Study of Social Alienation and Conflict in Jean-Paul Sartre and Ronald D. Laing; (2) Existential Teleology and Ethics. From Aristotle to Søren Kierkegaard, Jean-Paul Sartre, Emmy van Deurzen and Michel Foucault; (3) The Relevance of Aristotelean Ethics to the Conception of Existential Psychotherapy; (4) A Discussion of Narcissistic Sexuality; (5) Differences and Similarities between Existential Therapy and CBT; (6) A Problematization of Therapeutic Neutrality

About the Author: Anders Dræby Sørensen

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  • Philosophy and Therapy of Existence. Perspectives in Existential Analysis
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